Here we go for a new adventure…


Here we go for a new adventure…

A couple of years ago I created a page on WE HEART IT, and I was overwhelmed with the success that came with it. I love waking up, drinking my coffee and search for beautiful pictures to reblog. It inspires me so much to share what I love, so I decided to create this blog to be even more specifically about what I’m posting. I look forward to create different contents every day about a lot of themes, including fashion, make up, skin care, interior design, food, especially Gluten-Free food, and much more! Also, as I am a young mommy, it will be a pleasure to share tips and advices about pregnancy and motherhood.


I also decided, not to reveal my identity. For the moment, I just want this blog to be about the content I post and not about me.
If you want me to post about something in particular, just leave me a message 🙂

I hope you all enjoy this blog.
Show some love and click the subscribe button. 

Kisses, BC ♥

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