5 true positive and negative facts nobody told you about breastfeeding:

If you are pregnant, or already have a baby or if you want to have a baby anytime soon, then this article is for you, so keep reading!

As I am a young mommy to my 3 months old daughter, I have to admit that I was very concerned about breastfeeding during my pregnancy. I wasn’t quite sure if I wanted to do it. There is a lot of misinformation about breastfeeding so in this article I will resume some facts that I wished I knew before I had my baby. Let’s begin with the 5 negative facts so we can finish with the positive ones.



5 true negative facts nobody told you about breastfeeding:

  1. It can be very hurtful!
    Normally it doesn’t, but if it hurts, then you need to know that there is something wrong! Maybe the baby bites you, or you may have a mastitis (breast infection), or like in most cases, the baby may not be latching correctly. whatever the reason is that makes breastfeeding painful, it needs to be resolved, so talk to a midwife to get help.
  2. Breastfeeding takes practice!
    You and your baby will need to practice a lot. For some, breastfeeding is extremely easy and natural, and for others it’s a more difficult experience. Whether it’s easy for you or not, keep going, with time it will get better.
  3. It’s very stressful and exhausting!
    The truth is, breastfeeding is also very exhausting. It takes a lot of energy, it’s like your baby sucks the energy out of you… I’m exaggerating a lil bit, but you get what I mean… Breastfeeding is like being pregnant, you still need to go alcohol-free, eat correctly, drink lots of water, hormones are still going strong, and a lot more.
  4. It’s very emotional!
    Your baby may one day, sooner or later, refuse to eat. When that happened to me, I seriously felt rejected. But there may be a reasonable reason for your baby’s reaction. Maybe her/he doesn’t feel well, or the baby may have toothache that causes her/him pain while eating. Mastitis (breast infection) can also change the taste of the breastmilk, and your baby may not be a fan of it. Don’t take it personally, (even if it’s quite difficult).
  5. You need to hide to feed your baby!
    Sadly, our society has a very negative point of view about breastfeeding. So if you decide to feed your baby in public you may have some people star at you as if you would do something wrong.


5 true positive facts nobody told you about breastfeeding:

  1. It’s the best for your baby!
    Breastfeeding is the healthiest way to feed your baby! Babies who are breastfed are less likely to be ill, develop allergies and food intolerances. In other words, babies who are breastfed are much healthier. Do some researches and find out about the amount of benefits of breastfeeding.
  2. It is also the best for the mother!
    Breastfeeding also includes benefits for the mother. It may help you lose weight, lower your risk of breast cancer and ovarian cancer, and reduces your risk of developing diabetes.
  3. You bond with your child!
    Breastfeeding is the most special and unique moment between mother and child. You can’t imagine how special and beautiful it is, without experiencing it.
  4. Using bottles takes a lot of work!
    Baby bottles cost some dollars, and on top of that they need to be sterilized every single time after they have been used, so that’s even more work, and if you have a baby, you don’t need work that could be avoid if you would breastfeed.
  5. Its free and always ready!
    Let’s be honest, if you have a newborn baby, then you know how expensive everything is, so if there’s milk that is like the best thing on earth for your baby AND free AND always ready to go, then that sound like paradise.

Whether you decide to breastfeed or not, it’s a very personal decision, and only you as a woman should decide that. So take the pros and contras, do some researches and go with the decision that makes you feel the most comfortable.

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Kisses, BC.

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