Faux fur coat

Real fur is expensive and completely OUT. Faux fur is now the thing, it’s more affordable AND the best thing about it is that it’s cruelty-free, so isn’t that the most amazing reason to go for faux-fur? Even Gucci is now going fur-free.

If you are going out and want to look trendy with a touch of chicness, then you just need to put on a faux-fur coat and your outfit will be on point. The most important thing about choosing the right faux-fur coat is to make sure the faux-fur doesn’t look “cheap”. So don’t hesitate to put some more dollars on a beautiful faux-fur coat.

I selected some amazing coats, I will leave the links below. Hope you will find the most perfect trendy faux-fur coat.


Kisses, BC ♥

From left to right:

1 & 2 : http://www.zara.com
3: http://www.asos.com  → Jayley Luxurious Stripe Fur Jacket
4: http://www.asos.com  → Parka London super Soft Faux Fur Coat
5: http://www.boohoo.com  → Kayla Luxe Faux Fur Coat
6: http://www.urbanoutfitters.com  → UO Cropped Teddy Jacket

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