Get to know me: If I were a … ?

What about a new post so you get to know me a little better? For every question I selected some amazing pictures. Keep reading if you are interested. If you just want to see some inspirational pictures than scroll through without reading. Hope you enjoy it ♥

PS: this is just for fun.


1. If I were a shoe:

Black Louboutin pumps. Chic and very classy.


2. If I were a moment:

A wedding. Every detail of every wedding was overthought. Flowers everywhere and love in the air.


3. If I were a place:

The beach! Walking down a beach heals the soul ♥


4. If I were a feeling:



5. If I were a season:

Definitely Summer. Sun, beach, drinks & sunsets.


6. If I were a view:

Positano (Italy). Such a pretty and romantic view.


7. If I were famous:

Would like to be famous because of this blog, about the content that I post and about everything I am passionated about.


8. If I were a weather:

Sunny days. Nothing better than waking up with the sun shining through the window. Sunshines make the day better.


9. If I were an accessory:

An engagement ring. Love, Love and more Love please.


10. If I were a drink:

Champagne. Is there anything more classy?


11. If I were a moment of the day:

The sunset. A short but spectacular moment.


12. If I were a quote:

What you think you become!



13. If I were an element:

Fire. Nothing better than a fireplace to warm up the heart.


14. If I were an animal:

A bird. Just to fly around this beautiful world and be free.


15. If I were a body part:



16. If I were a fictional character:

Cinderella. Because dreams do come true and life is a fairytale.


17. If I were a dessert:

Tiramisu. I am obsessed with tiramisu, yummiii, could eat it every single day!!!


 18. If I were a flower:

Peonies. Such pretty flowers in beautiful pink tones.


19. If I were a scent:

Hypnotic Poison from Dior


20. If I were a mystical creature:

A mermaid, just like Ariel from Disney, so cute!


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