Maternity Fashion: Where to shop the cutest maternity clothes

One of the most annoying things during my pregnancy, was finding stylish maternity clothes. During those 9 months, our body changes so much and even if we want to look stylish, we also want to feel comfortable. So it is kind of a challenge to shop maternity clothes. If you are pregnant and have some issues knowing where to shop cute maternity outfits then keep reading, I will share all my secrets about maternity fashion.

First of all, always shop your maternity clothes larger than usual, it’s completely normal to gain weight, and the best thing about that is that you will still look amazing just because you’re pregnant. I mean, who cares how much weight you gained during pregnancy, you are growing a human inside of you, so enjoy the moment and eat whatever you want to eat. You should also take attention to choose comfortable clothes. If you are already 9 months pregnant than it will be kind of impossible to find some stylish maternity clothes, except for dresses. But you know what? That’s not an issue, because you should enjoy the end of this amazing journey. Just stay at home, prepare yourself physically and mentally for the big day and forget the world for a while, just appreciate some alone-time before you give birth.

Now back to maternity fashion. As always I selected some inspirational pictures where you can find some ideas and at the end of the post you will find the links to the websites, where you can shop different outfits.

During my pregnancy, I wore especially dresses. I recommend you to buy a lot of maternity dresses, they are super comfortable an there’s nothing more cute than a pregnant woman in a beautiful dress. If you live in a colder place and think you can’t put on dresses because of the cold ass weather, than you are wrong! As you know, pregnancy is literally a hormone roller coaster, and having hot flashes during pregnancy is a real thing. So, you will thank me later for this little advice. Just go with dresses during pregnancy, if it’s warm or cold, it doesn’t matter. Another little suggestion, try to choose dresses you can also wear after your pregnancy. There are shapes of dresses, where you can’t tell if they are maternity ones or not, especially stretch dresses.

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Love, BC ♥


Some inspiration for you beautiful mamas-to-be ♥

Se bellow, the links to the websites where you can shop maternity clothes.



Where to shop the cutest Maternity clothes:

Asos is probably the one online shop where you’ll find a waste choice on maternity clothes. From casual and basic clothes to special occasion dresses. Check it out, you’ll love it.








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