The secret ingredient for a perfect skin.

Water is the secret for a perfect skin. I mean, literally! All you need is to hydrate yourself enough and to wash you face twice a day, when you wake up and before you go to bed. There’s no other way! You certainly already heard some people say that even though they never wash their faces, they still have good skin. Let me tell you something… yeah maybe they do have a good skin (for the moment), but let pass some years, then they will see the consequences on their skin… If you don’t want to reach your 30thies and have a “not so good type of skin”, then please remember to drink a lot and to stick to a skin routine. Check out one of my latest post about skin routine, click here if you missed it! Another issue water can fix is your pillowcase. Make sure to wash it weekly or even twice a week. Everything that touches your face should be super clean to reduce breakouts. Also, take extra care with towels and make up brushes, you can never wash them enough. And last, but not least, we all know stress can be our worst enemy when it comes to having a beautiful clear skin so, make sure to treat yourself, take a bath once a week, just to relax and to have some time for yourself, it’s so important, and your skin will be thankful for that. So now you know, make water your best friend!

Love, BC ♥

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