If you are asking yourself if I am really going to write a post about weed… then you’re right. This post is very personal and also very special for me, if you want to know why, and if you are curious to know what I have to say about weed, then keep reading…

DR Wayne Dyer is one of my spiritual guides, I feel inside of my heart that I was ment to read his books, maybe one day I will write about it, but I am referring to him because as he once said so well : “The only difference between a flower and a weed, is judgement.” –DR Wayne Dyer.

Everyone has his right to have their own opinion about weed so please respect mine, and as I already said, this post is very personal and you will very soon understand why.
I already wrote about my celiac disease, if you didn’t saw the post, click here.
But I didn’t end up telling how hard everything was for me… I started getting symptoms very young, but no doctor felt the need to check what was going on with me, I reached out to so many doctors and even Gastroenterologists, but none discovered my disease. My grades at school started to get worser and worser because I wasn’t able to go to school, I felt so bad and had so many pain, I remember my whole body hurt. With time I even started to get anxiety about leaving the house and that anxiety got so bad with the years, I isolated myself from everyone. So many doctors told me I had to live with my symptoms because everything was in my head… They kind of said that I actually felt all that pain and had so many digestive problems because I imagined that all myself… in my head… It was so difficult to hear things like that but after 3-4 years living that way, I finally met a doctor who discovered that I had the celiac disease, and I can’t even tell you with words what a relieve that was. So, after being diagnosed I started my strict gluten free diet, but I couldn’t see any results, it actually took my about 3 year to “recover”, and during that recovery I smoked weed once a week. At the beginning I thought it would all be in my head, I couldn’t believe that smoking weed could give me the opportunity to star living a normal life again. But when I stopped smoking for 3 weeks, I started feeling worser again… I did some research and find out that our digestive systems has some receptors for a substance which is present in weed. Well, I am not here to give you some lessons, so if you are interested about it, I suggest you to do some research yourself, don’t get me wrong, but I just don’t want to give false informations.
So I told you all this, because weed really helped and still helps me living a normal life. My anxiety is at this time, so little that I can’t even believe how anxious I was before, it is so horrible, it’s like you body controls you and you can’t do nothing about it. I am so grateful and beyond happy to know that I overcome all that, and that a simple little joint, once a time, really helps me to live normally. I think balance is the key to everything, if you consume weed with boundaries, then there are for sure no consequences. But please, if you are younger than 21, try to avoid smoking/consuming weed, and remember that weed is still illegal in most countries. In my case, where I live, I do have the amazing chance to be able to consume legally.
I choose to share my story, even if I didn’t expose all the details, because I want to help to change the judgement about weed. Remember that medicines are also drogues, but in this case, weed is able to help so many ill people, with very bad diseases. My disease is so little and insignificant compared to parkinson, or cancer, etc. Let’s change our ideas and judgements about weed, I mean, alcohol is so bad, and also dangerous and is well accepted in most countries and also cultures. Think about it, open your mind, not for yourself, but for those who would live a better life if weed would be legal in other countries.

Hope you enjoyed reading,

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